天つ縄 (heavenly; imperial rope)

AMATSUNAWA stands for the Highest Quality jute Asanawa ropes developed for prolonged skin contact Kinbaku/Shibari bondage use, and contain zero mineral batching oil (JBO). We aim to offer our niche market an exquisite product for its specific applied use.

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20. October 2022 - Bad Kötzting, Germany 

For clarification, we use the following system to identify our jute rope products: 

AMATSUNAWA 27, 30, 33 (raw jute rope from our old batch)
27, 30 and 33 refer to the number of yarns within raw jute ropes produced by our German supplier, respectively equal to ø5, ø5.5 and ø6mm. This product is longer on sale via our AMATSUNAWA shop but 100m coils of this product can be purchased via TheRopestry

RAW AMATSUNAWA 4/0, 4/5, 5/0, 5/5, 6/0 (current rope available in the Amatsunawa online shop)
4/0, 4/5, 5/0, 5/5 and 6/0 refer to the diameters of jute ropes produced by our Japanese supplier, respectively equal to ø4, ø4.5, ø5, ø5.5 and ø6mm, available raw or conditioned ready-for-use

Jouyoku’ is the product identification of our Japanese-made 4/0, 4/5, 5/0, 5/5 and 6/0 rope that has been vegan preconditioned ready-for-use and is available as MINI-ROLL or MAXI-ROLL. The underlying rope used for our Jouyoku product is the RAW AMATSUNAWA rope.


26 August 2022 - Bad Kötzting, Germany

Jouyoku was pitted against 6 competitors at an independent ‘Rope Tasting’, and came top by a big margin. Read the results in KINBAKU TODAY, the magazine of the art of Japanese erotic rope bondage for the Western-speaking world. "Flavor of The Rope"

If you are a group organising your own ‘Rope Tasting’ event, please contact us and we will ship a complimentary sample.

More news coming soon....

Mission, Values & Team

We offer you the highest quality vegan, human– and eco–friendly, non–toxic jute Asanawa ropes developed specifically for prolonged skin contact Kinbaku/Shibari bondage use containing zero mineral batching oil (JBO).

Learn more about our product, how we work and who we are! 

Jute Yarn

The yarn we use for our ropes is made from specially chosen raw jute fibre, which is spun and coated to our specification, defined in partnership with the mill and national jute specialists. 
Our yarn is not a standard type readily available on the market, and its quality is critical for the strength of the final rope.

Quality Control

We work with jute growers and yarn mills, a national jute and an environmental laboratory, and specialist natural fibre rope makers to ensure the quality of our products. 
The results of the laboratory testing assure us of the jute batch purity level and confirm the absence of harmful substances. 


We know exactly where the jute plants used for our yarn is grown and are in personal contact with the mill where our yarn is spun. This allows us to quickly respond to market and supply changes. We have also built long–term business partnerships with our rope manufacturers, so that whenever one of our production orders is processed, we are in personal contact via telephone or video chat. This is important for us to maintain a stable relationship and supply chain.


Even though jute is hydrophilic, where possible, we aim to avoid using plastic foil and tape. We work closely together with our packaging supplier to find the best suitable and ecologically friendly recyclable packaging to safeguard our rope on its delivery journeys around the globe. 

We also have a 100% discreet packaging option available for you. Please contact us to request. 


Customer Service

The most effective and honest marketing for an enterprise is to have customers recommend their products and services to others.

Offering excellent customer service and support is our standard business practice.

We are available to answer commercial and technical enquiries to assist you with your product choice, and how to prepare, use and maintain it.

FAQ - Things we are sure you want to know about jute rope

How does jute compare to hemp & co? 

In comparison to hemp, jute has almost identical low elasticity characteristics, ideal for continual tying and untying of knots, lashings and bindings, ie. with load applied, it will not compress like cotton, and make the fixing difficult to undo. Follow the link to read the entire article. 

Which rope diameter is the best diameter for my use case?

To help you to find the right rope for your application, we will give you some recommendations based on our personal experience with bondage work on the ground as well as suspension work. Follow the link to find out more.

How can I make my own "rope butter" for conditioning raw jute ropes?

During the conditioning process of raw jute ropes a "rope butter", a blend of oil and wax, is being used to soften the ropes. We give you a recipe and instructions on how to make your own "rope butter". Follow the link to find out more. 

How can I condition my own raw jute ropes myself? What's a good method?

We show you step-by-step an established method on how to condition raw jute ropes to create almost hairfree, soft and lustre jute ropes ready-for-use. Follow the link to find out more. 

How can I dye my jute ropes?

We developed an awesome, simple and very effective method for dyeing jute rope with a 100% colour penetration. Learn more about this process you can easily recreate in your kitchen at home.  

What is the breaking strength of jute rope?

We have a short answer to this question. The International Standards Organisation (ISO), Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), Japanese Standards Association (Ippan-zaidanhōjin Nihon Kikaku Kyōkai; JSA), etc. refrain from giving norms or standards for the breaking strengths of bast fibre ropes due to the incongruity of the medium used.


Stephen Hastings is a process development engineer with decades of business collaboration with Japanese corporations. As a seasoned rope bondage practitioner, he is the technical expert behind the research and development that went into the specification of our yarns and the production of our ropes. 

He intuitively knows what a jute rope designed for the application should feel like, and has many years of experience selling jute ropes in wholesale quantities. His integrity, reputation and in–depth experience, make him a highly appreciated expert in the field of Kinbaku/Shibari rope bondage across the globe.

Michaela Hofmann got caught up in Stephen’s ropes in the search for a relaxing new spare time activity. Very soon she developed an interest in the rope itself and how it’s made and treated. Since 2018 she has sold hand–conditioned ready–to–use jute ropes to a global market, and in October 2021 became an Etsy–Seller Star, based on excellent customer service, 5–star reviews and reliable delivery times. 

She developed a vegan conditioning to reduce hair and fibre loss, adding body, definition and lustre to produce a low–maintenance ready–to–use rope with a silky feel. Shipping perfectly conditioned, quality–checked, ready–to–use ropes is her daily mission.


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