How to remove wax stains from jute rope

A simple method to clean your rope after wax play

Removing wax from jute rope

If you use wax in play, you may get some onto your rope.

To remove it, place the rope into a freezer to make it harden.

Once hard, and taking care not to disturb the integrity of the rope, strands or yarns, carefully pick out the worst along the direction of the yarn using the back of your thumb nail.

If you cannot remove enough before the wax starts to become soft, simply place back into the freezer again and repeat the process.

Once you have removed as much wax as possible, you may also then use a hot iron on a dry (ie. not steam) setting.

Lay the rope onto kitchen paper, with a sheet or two between the rope and the iron, and simply iron the rope. The remaining wax will blend into the kitchen paper, but also the rope.

Please be aware that coloured wax dye may permanently stain the rope.

left image below: stained rope   /   right image below: cleaned rope