RAW AMATSUNAWA 5/5 MAXI-ROLL, ~5.5kg, Japanese-made jute rope, various diameters, JBO-free, unprocessed

ø5.5mm, 330m, luxury Asanawa for Shibari and Bondage made from premium quality Tossa jute for your tying pleasure. JBO-free unprocessed jute rope.
Product information "RAW AMATSUNAWA 5/5 MAXI-ROLL, ~5.5kg, Japanese-made jute rope, various diameters, JBO-free, unprocessed"
Raw loose-lay luxury Asanawa jute bondage rope on large wholesale spool. Japanese-made, skin-friendly. As used for our Jouyoku preconditioned products. 

We created this luxury Asanawa to provide you with the perfect tool for your tying pleasure.

Sourcing premium quality Tossa jute batched using soybean oil, and twisted with a technique to significantly reduce hair and fibre loss into a single–ply yarn. The yarn is food-grade and specifically developed for prolonged skin contact.

Yarns are wound for softness and stability by our Japanese partner to produce a superior loose-lay rope.

AMATSUNAWA MAXI-ROLLs are available in 5 diameters: 
ø6mm x 300m, ~5.5kg 
ø5.5mm x 330m, ~5.5kg 
ø5mm x 360m, ~5.5kg 
ø4.5mm x 400m, ~5.5kg 
ø4mm x 450m, ~5.5kg 

Materials used:
Jute yarn: 100% corchorus olitorius Tossa
Batching oil: Soybean oil

Japanese production. Product ships from Germany.    

Important information about the product:
Yarn spools are not infinitely long. Each spool of yarn has a beginning and an end, representing joins in the rope made with a reef knot. We recommend our customers to remove these knots if possible.
Diameter: 4 mm, 4.5 mm, 5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6 mm
Manufacturer: AMATSUNAWA GmbH
Material: Soy bean oil, Tossa Jute Grade 1
HS-Code: 560790

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